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New Reviews for March on Reviews in History

Published: August 23, 2012

The following reviews of possible interest to followers of the Intelligencer were published in March in the Institute of Historical Research’s e-journal Reviews in History (

We begin with Pauline Croft assessing (no. 865, with the editor’s response here) the special issue of Historical Research devoted to Henry VII and then John Baxendale finding much to praise in Brian Harrison’s contribution to the New Oxford History of England, Seeking a Role: The United Kingdom 1951-1970 (no. 867, with response).

Next up is a work on the evolution of British unionism, the less-studied counterpart to Irish nationalism. The Making of British Unionism, 1740-1848: Politics, Government and the Anglo-Irish Constitutional Relationship by Douglas Kanter is reviewed for us here (no. 869) by Jacqueline Hill.

In the field of religious history we have a review (no. 873, by Carmen Mangion) of Carol Engelhardt Herringer's new book covering Victorian representations of the Virgin Mary, Victorians and the Virgin Mary: Religion and Gender in England, 1830-85.

On a completely different tack we have the first comprehensive study of medieval parks, as Aleks Pluskowski reviews (no. 877) Stephen Mileson’s Parks in Medieval England.

Barbara Yorke then tackles (no. 878) Marilyn Dunn’s new work The Christianization of the Anglo-Saxons c. 597-c. 700. Discourses of Life, Death and Afterlife, in which ethnography and anthropology are combined with a historical approach in an erudite, but sometimes controversial, contribution to the debate.

Finally John Beckett takes issue (no. 879, with a response by the author here) with a book (Image of A Lost Frontier Revealed: Regional Separation in the East Midlands by Alan Fox) seeking to test the hypothesis that there was, in England, a patchwork of historical regions that largely coincided with major drainage basins, which in turn allied closely with pre-1974 counties.A list of all our British and Irish history reviews can be found here:

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