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Midwest Conference on British Studies 55th Annual Meeting
October 9-11, 2009, Pittsburgh

The Midwest Conference on British Studies is proud to announce that its
fifty-fifth annual meeting will be hosted by the University of Pittsburgh at
the Holiday Inn, Pittsburgh University Center.

The MWCBS seeks papers from scholars in all fields of British Studies,
broadly defined to include those who study England, Scotland, Wales,
Ireland, and Britain's empire. We welcome scholars from the broad spectrum
of disciplines, including but not limited to history, literature, political
science, gender studies and art history. Proposals for complete sessions are
preferred, although proposals for individual papers will be considered.
Especially welcome are roundtables and panels that:

·offer cross-disciplinary perspectives on topics in British Studies

·discuss collaborative or innovative learning techniques in the British
Studies classroom

·situate the arts, letters, and sciences in a British cultural context

·examine representations of British (and non-British) national identities

·consider Anglo-American relations, past and present

·examine new trends in British Studies

·assess a major work or body of work by a scholar

·reflect on the status of colonial and postcolonial studies 30 years after
Said’s Orientalism.

The MWCBS also invites submissions for a special panel engaging Seymour
Drescher’s work on the transatlantic slave trade and the abolitionist
movement.  Professor Drescher will serve as respondent for this session.

The MWCBS welcomes papers presented by advanced graduate students and will
award The Walter L. Arnstein Prize at its plenary luncheon for the best
graduate student paper given at the conference.

Proposals should include a 200-word abstract for each paper and a brief,
1-page c.v. for each participant, including chairs and commentators. For
full panels, please include a brief 200 word preview of the panel as a
whole. In addition, please place the panel proposal, and its accompanying
paper proposals and vitas in one file. Please make certain that all contact
information, particularly email addresses are correct and current. All
proposals should be submitted online by April 15, 2009, to the Program
Committee Chair, Rick Incorvati, at [email protected].

MWCBS Program Committee:  Rick Incorvati, Chair, Wittenberg University;
Phyllis L. Soybel, College of Lake County; Eric Tenbus, University of
Central Missouri; Amy Whipple, Xavier University; Michele White, University
of Tennessee at Chattanooga

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