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NACBS Membership Renewal

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Now that the holiday season has passed and we've started a new year--one I
like to think of as a year of miracles, beginning with the rescue of
the passengers from the plane that landed in the Hudson--I'd like to remind
you that it is time to renew your membership in the NACBS for 2009. The
miracle I'd like to see is a 100% renewal in the first quarter of the year.

Your officers and executive committee are doing everything they can to make
your membership ever more valuable to you. In addition to receiving the
Journal of British Studies, we have made it easier for you to have access to
the Institute of Historical Research in London if your institution doesn't
belong and are pursuing arrangements with presses to give you discounts all
year round. And in addition there is all the support we give to graduate
students and prizes for the superb work you produce year after year.

Have a wonderful 2009. I look forward to seeing you in Louisville in

Barbara Harris, President, NACBS

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