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NACBS Announces Book Prize Shortlists for 2022

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In order to recognize the range of outstanding scholarship currently being produced in British Studies, this year the committees for the Snow and Stansky Book Prizes are announcing prize shortlists.

The winners of the prizes will be announced at the NACBS national conference in November.

The Snow committee has selected the following three books for the 2022 John Ben Snow Prize shortlist for the best book in British Studies dealing with the period prior to 1800:

Eleanor Hubbard, Englishmen at Sea: Labor and the Nation at the Dawn of Empire 1570-1630 (Yale University Press)

James Mulholland, Before the Raj: Writing in Early Anglophone India (Johns Hopkins University Press)

Keith Pluymers, No Wood, No Kingdom: Political Ecology in the English Atlantic (University of Pennsylvania Press)

The Stansky committee has selected the following four books for the 2022 Stansky Book Prize shortlist for the best book in British Studies dealing with the period since 1800:

Arunima Datta, Fleeting Agencies: A Social History of Indian Coolie Women in British Malaya (Cambridge University Press)

Catherine L. Evans, Unsound Empire: Civilization and Madness in Late-Victorian Law (Yale University Press) 

Elizabeth Carolyn Miller, Extraction Ecologies and the Literature of the Long Exhaustion (Princeton University Press)

Caroline Ritter, Imperial Encore: The Cultural Project of the Late British Empire (University of California Press)

Congratulations to these authors for their outstanding scholarship.

Best wishes,
John Ben Snow Book Prize Committee
Stansky Book Prize Committee
NACBS Executive

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2022 Early Bird Registration Now Open

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Early bird registration for the 2022 NACBS annual meeting is now open. Please visit the following link to register:

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Reservations at the Sheraton Grand Chicago for this fall conference are now available to book at 

For more information on the NACBS Annual Conference, visit our conference page.

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2022 NACBS-Huntington Library Fellowship

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The NACBS, in collaboration with the Huntington Library, offers annually the NACBS-HUNTINGTON LIBRARY FELLOWSHIP to aid in dissertation research in British Studies using the collections of the library.  

Nominations and applications for the 2022 award are invited. Applications are due on July 15, 2022. For more information, visit the fellowship page.

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CFP: Southern Conference on British Studies, 2022 Meeting

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Southern Conference on British Studies

2022 Meeting

November 11-12, 2022: Baltimore, MD Call for Papers

Deadline for submission: May 31, 2022

The Southern Conference on British Studies solicits proposals for its 2022 meeting in Baltimore,

Maryland. The SCBS will meet in conjunction with the Southern Historical Association.

The SCBS construes British Studies widely and invites participation by scholars in all areas of British history and culture, including the Empire or Commonwealth and the British Isles. We welcome both individual and panel submissions on any topic in British Studies, but especially those related to this year’s theme of Communication and Contact, which includes works that explore engagement across political, social, racial, religious or spatial divides, as well as examinations of how such connections are both created and challenged.

We are very pleased to announce that Dr. Katie Hindmarch-Watson, Assistant Professor at Johns Hopkins University, will deliver the plenary.

Individual proposals should be no more than 250 words in length and include a short biographical statement. Panel proposals should be limited to 750 words and include a rationale for the panel as well as a brief description of each paper and participant. Proposals should be sent to Dr. Jill Bender at [email protected]

The SCBS Charles Perry Graduate Student Prize ($250) will be awarded to the best paper presented at the conference by a graduate student. Entries must be received by October 15, 2022.

Graduate students who present papers at SCBS meetings are eligible to apply for one of two $500 Research Travel Awards given annually by the SCBS. Graduate students are eligible in the two years following their presentation. See the SCBS website for more information:

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Call for New Editor of the Journal of British Studies


The North American Conference on British Studies is soliciting proposals for a new editor or team of editors for the Journal of British Studies. The position should begin in the summer of 2023 for a five-year term. The Journal of British Studies is the premier journal in its field in North America; published four times a year by Cambridge University Press, it typically includes seven articles per issue in addition to book reviews. While primarily based in history, we hope to offer British Studies in its widest sense to include scholarly investigation in literature and culture, including work on transnational topics, colonial, postcolonial and Commonwealth areas. The membership of the NACBS is drawn from the United States and Canada as well as a variety of other countries. Proposals should reflect a recognition of national, demographic, and geographical diversity.

Proposals for a new editorial team should include the following elements:

1)     An informed vision for the future of the Journal of British Studies (2 pages). This statement should reflect knowledge of how the fields of British Studies have changed over time and indicate possible directions of interest and growth, including social media platforms. 

2)    Names of chief editors (one or two editors), scholarly profiles, a short description of editorial experience, and c.v.’s. 

3)    Proposed Associate Editors or Editorial Board. Editors may choose several experts in a representative variety of fields.  These scholars would work closely with the editor(s) to assess articles before sending them out for review, suggest readers, and consult more generally on developing the journal. Potential editors should seek the consent of their associate editors before submitting their proposal.

4)    Proposed Advisory Board. This would be a larger group reflecting diverse interests in British studies who would periodically offer advice and serve as readers. Potential editors do not need to get permission from these scholars for the purposes of the proposal.

5)    Letter from a Dean or Department chair indicating support offered by your institution, such as graduate student assistance and course releases. (Cambridge University Press provides money for editorial assistance).

Completed applications should be sent to Deborah Valenze at [email protected] by August 15, 2022.         

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CFP: Northeast Conference on British Studies 2022

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Call for Papers, Annual Meeting, 21-22 October 2022.

The Northeast Conference on British Studies (NECBS) will hold its 2022 annual meeting on Friday and Saturday, October 21 and 22, at Bates College, Lewiston, Maine. We encourage in-person attendance, but for those who cannot make it, we aim to have one hybrid (in-person and virtual) session per time slot.

We solicit the participation of scholars in all areas of British Studies, broadly defined. In particular, we welcome proposals for interdisciplinary panels that draw on the work of historians, literary critics, and scholars in other disciplines, whose focus is on Britain and its empire, from the Middle Ages to the present. Proposals for entire panels on a common theme will be given priority, although individual paper proposals will also be considered if several of them can be assembled to create a viable panel. Proposals for roundtable discussions of a topical work, on current issues in the field, or pedagogical practices with respect to the teaching of particular aspects of British Studies are also encouraged. The typical ninety-minute panel will include three papers (each lasting for roughly twenty minutes) and a chair. (In the interest of allowing greater audience participation in Q&A, the position of “moderator/comment” is optional.) Roundtables may have a looser format.

Proposals should include a general description of the panel or roundtable (including an overall title), a 200-300 word abstract for each paper to be read, and a one-page curriculum vitae for each participant. Please include the address, phone number, and e-mail address of all participants (including the chair and, if applicable, moderator) in the proposal, and indicate whether the paper(s) will be delivered in-person or virtually. For panel or roundtable proposals, please note the name of the main contact person. Electronic submissions (as e-mail attachments in Word) are preferred, with all the various materials presented in a single document.

Graduate students, please note: Each year the NECBS Executive Committee awards the David Underdown Memorial Prize to the best graduate student paper presented at the conference. (See details here.)

All submissions must be received by June 1, 2022 (final decisions will be announced in early July 2022).

Please send your proposals to:

Jennifer Regan-Lefebvre, NECBS Vice President and Program Chair

[email protected]

The in-person conference will follow Bates College’s fall COVID-19 guidelines. At present those include a requirement that outside visitors can show proof either of vaccination and boosting or of a negative COVID-19 test taken within 48 hours of arrival. We will communicate any updates with presenters over the summer, along with local arrangement details, including shuttles to/from Portland, Maine, transportation hubs. 

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The information pages for NACBS prizes, awards, and grants are now updated for the 2022 application season. 

  • John Ben Snow Prize – for the best book by a North American scholar in any field of British Studies dealing with the period from the Middle Ages through the eighteenth century.
  • Stansky Book Prize – for the best book published anywhere by a North American scholar on any aspect of British studies since 1800.
  • Walter D. Love Prize – for the best article or paper of similar length or scope by a North American scholar in the field of British history.
  • Judith R. Walkowitz Prize – for the best published article on issues relating to gender and sexuality in British culture.
  • NACBS Undergraduate Essay Contest – for the best essays on British topics submitted by undergraduates studying in American and Canadian universities
  • NACBS M.A. Essay Prize – for the best piece of original research produced by a student in a “stand-alone” M.A. program at a university or college in the U.S. or Canada.
  • NACBS Pre-Dissertation Grants – awarded to Ph.D. candidates to pursue preliminary research on potential dissertation-length studies related to any topic in British (including Scottish, Irish, and Imperial) history or British Studies.
  • NACBS Dissertation Fellowship – awarded to support dissertation research in the British Isles on any topic of British (including Scottish, Irish and Imperial) history or British Studies.
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CFP: NACBS Annual Meeting, Chicago, November 10-13, 2022

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 The NACBS and its affiliate, the Midwest Conference on British Studies (MWCBS), seek participation by scholars in all areas of British Studies for the 2022 meeting. We will meet in Chicago, Illinois, from November 10-13, 2022. We solicit proposals for presentations on Britain, the British Empire-Commonwealth, and the British world, including Ireland, the Americas, Asia, Africa, and the Pacific (etc.). Our interests range from the medieval to the modern. We welcome participation by scholars from across the humanities and social sciences, from all parts of the globe, and from all career stages and backgrounds. We reaffirm our commitment to British Studies broadly conceived, and welcome proposals that reflect the diversity of scholars and scholarship in the field.

We invite panel proposals that address selected themes, methodology, and pedagogy, as well as roundtable discussions and lightening rounds (8-10 presenters with one chair, a few minutes to each presenter) of topical and thematic interest, including conversations among authors of recent books, reflections on landmark scholarship, and discussions about professional practice. We are particularly interested in submissions that have a broad chronological range and/or interdisciplinary breadth, and that are tightly connected by a theme.  Standard panels typically include three presenters speaking for 20 minutes each, a commentator, and a chair, while roundtables typically include four presenters speaking for 15 minutes each and a chair. We are open to other formats, though; please feel free to consult with the program committee chair.

To secure as broad a range of participation, we will also consider individual paper proposals. Panels that include a diverse mix of presenters across fields and career stages are particularly welcome. To foster intellectual interchange, we ask applicants to compose panels that feature participation from multiple institutions. In an effort to allow a broader range of participants, no participant will be permitted to take part in more than one session in a substantial role. (That is, someone presenting or commenting on one panel cannot also present or comment on another, though individuals presenting or commenting on one panel may serve as chairs for other panels, if need be.) Submissions are welcome from participants in last year’s conference, though if the number of strong submissions exceeds the number of available spaces, selection decisions may take into account recent participation.

As complete panels are more likely to be accepted, we recommend that interested participants issue calls on H-Albion or social media (e.g., @TheNACBS on Twitter or on the NACBS Facebook page) to arrange a panel. If a full panel cannot be arranged by the deadline, however, please do submit the individual proposal and the program committee will try to build submissions into full panels as appropriate.

In addition to the panels, we will be sponsoring a poster session.  The posters will be exhibited throughout the conference, and there will be a scheduled time when presenters will be with their posters to allow for further discussion. 

The submission website at will open in late January; submissions will close as of 15 March 2022.

All submissions are electronic, and need to be completed in one sitting.   Before you start your submission, you should have the following information:

  1. Names, affiliations and email addresses for all panel participants.  PLEASE NOTE: We create the program from the submission, so be sure that names, institutional titles, and paper titles are provided as they should appear on the program.
  2. A note whether data projection is necessary, desired, or unnecessary. Please only request if AV is central to convey your presentation.  (Because AV is now enormously expensive, it will be provided in only some of the meeting rooms.)
  3. A brief summary CV for each participant, indicating education, current affiliations, and major publications.   (two-page maximum per CV.)
  4. Title and Abstract for each paper or presentation.   Roundtables do not need titles for each presentation, but if you have them, that is fine.  If there is no title, there should still be an abstract – i.e. “X will speak about this subject through the lens of this period/approach/region etc.”
  5. POSTERS: Those proposing posters should enter organizer information and first presenter information only.

All communication will be through the panel organizer, who will be responsible for ensuring that members of the panel receive the information they need.

All program presenters must be current members of the NACBS by November 10, one month before the conference, or risk being removed from the program.

Some financial assistance will become available for graduate students (up to $500) and for a limited number of under/unemployed members within ten years of their terminal degree ($300). Details of these travel grants and how to apply will be posted to and emailed to members after the program for the 2022 meeting is prepared.

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