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  • Finding Margaret Morice

    April 10, 2015
    I ‘met’ Margaret Morice in 1998. I had just finished writing A History of European Women’s Work. Needing to get into some real primary research and since I was working at Aberdeen University, I asked myself the fairly simple question, ‘What kind of work were women doing in eighteenth-century Aberdeen?’ It was provoked by a number of factors, curiosity not being the least of them.
  • "Mary Hutton: a 'Kept Mistress' and her Emotions in Enlightenment Edinburgh" by Katie Barclay

    March 10, 2015
    Why do you ask me about my relations. Don’t you know that I have non, when I become your whore I lost all and every thing that was previous to me, an outcast from society, sad and solitary, has the best time of life past and every year gains me a few more enemies but not one friend – what else can a Homeless Vagabond expect (Mary Hutton to Gilbert Innes, 7 January 1822)
  • Muslims in Britain: Aren’t We Forgetting Something? by Sarah Hackett

    February 27, 2015